Product Design and Develoment

Generating ideas and solutions for new or established products, research and design.

Product distribution

Distribution of products in Croatia or regional representatives


Public Tender or government supplier services


Product and Brand Marketing, Social Media, Product Presentations, Trade Fairs, Sales.

Design from scratch

Experienced in design of camouflage pattern from scratch to delivered uniform and gear

Modern Uniforms

New camo pattern on modern uniforms and gear make the difference on the field


Managing a way to develop, test and produce products with highest capabilities on the field, goes with constant learning and improving.

Trained to find a way for a product from idea to production.

Paying attention to details is important

  • Ask for feedback
  • Go for quality
  • Be patient

Gear is good when you don't have to think about it.

Camouflage and the uniform in every detail fit the environment, day and night, in any weather condition and also in urban terrain.

Our heroes give their best, so it is our duty to give them our best as possible.

Learning by doing

Great adventure is to work with novel ways and newest products at highest level of quality

  • Uniforms and patterns for generations.
  • Special fabrics and methods of production.
  • Smart concept based on efficiency.

All the brands, products, features or ideas have to be introduced to audiences and the buyers

Marketing is more then pushing the ad or presenting our company. It is also learning the customers and let them talk.

All the media should work together and we should understand why.